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Next gen Flash presentation for GEOLIVES !

0809_geolivesAs part of a multimedia presentation Geolives – Portal hiking, we made a presentation that uses the latest Flash video technology.

On the basis of topographic maps that society has Géomatic at our disposal, Google Earth images and footages, we mounted a video of 3 minutes. It was then encoded and optimized for optimal viewing via the Internet. A soundtrack chosen by the customer was also added.

A dynamic titling system in ActionScript3 has also been developed, they are superimposed on the video in perfect synchronization. These dynamic titles are displayed in the selected language.


FRONT is operational!

0809_frontFRONT is the name which now carries our own content management system (CMS).

For several years, we have tested and used lots of content management tools among the best known (Mambo, Joomla, Typo3, WordPress, …). The features and capabilities of these are very large, but when it comes to managing an SME portal, they turn out in most cases deficient.

Their complexity makes it difficult indeed occasional use by a person unfamiliar with the area. And over time, the site falls in the abandonment …

So we redesigned a CMS on the principle of ultra-simplified use. This is now done. FRONT offers the ability to edit site content directly into pages – in situ – hence the name FRONT “Front End editing”. Its use is so obvious that it requires no training and there is no risk of loss of control within the company.

Cooperation with SwissRéseau

0809_swissreseauIt is for our expertise in the development of online real estate solutions, that SwissRéseau – the swiss network of realtors – chose NetSquad  to boost its online services.

We have assembled a set of exciting solutions that will benefit members of SwissRéseau.

Installation tool

Online Installation Tool - screenshotA new apartment, a new house? How your pieces of furniture return will in these new walls?

Thanks to our intuitive application (no installation necessary), the future purchaser or tenant can recreate his furniture on line and test various provisions with leisure. What to reassure before an important decision!

Realization of the DVD for the 15th anniversary of the Foundation

FNA-DVDWith the occasion of its 15th anniversary, the Nestlé Foundation for Art responsible us for the realization of the commemorative DVD.

It contains a film, with management of the subtitles for German and French, 3 diaporamas photographs, as well as a file of more than 1’000 constant projects.

We then published film on the gate of the Foundation by exploiting last technologies of video streaming (cf.YouTube).

Biometric security

Biometry High security Theft of confidential data is a phenomenon more and more running. In order to counter the new threats as regards computer security, we propose solutions of high capable technology to you to answer the environments and the schedules of conditions more exigents.

The use of a new technology not requiring more the use of hard disk makes it possible to avoid any data leakage following the flight or the hacking of a station customer. The access to the data is strictly controlled thanks to biometrics (iris or fingerprint) and with the system of distance RFID.

The “Shaker”

The ShakerThis new tool enables you to obtain an advertising plate (for example plate of an object to be sold) via a simplified interface in particular including compression and the scaling of the photographs, automatic page-setting of the text and the pagination of the document without any technical training. The result is a PDF including a professional design adapted to your corporate.

Dynamic displays

Regie Braun - Rue Centrale - Lausanne

Regie Braun - vitrine interactive - screenshotA screen plasma makes it possible to the brokers in real estate automatically to post the new objects to be sold since their data base. More need to print small posters and to manage their site in a window. Our solution automatically deals with it all while enabling you to add visual animations to it.

The system is adaptable to travel, the automobile salesman agencies of occasions or any other offering trade of the products evolving/moving quickly !