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SUSHI-ZEN.CH : eCommerce integration with Facebook

sushi-zen.ch Great pictures sushi-zen-2 NETSQUAD SA has developed a new platform for discovery and ordering of sushi for Sushi Zen e-Commerce.

Besides the easy and convenient ordering, products are presented through great photos that make you an appetite! The product catalog is enhanced by the “I like” button of Facebook : so users can share their preferences for sushi, fried noodles, soups and salads.

A function allows you to register on the site in the traditional wayor instantly via their Facebook account. This allows customers to keep their contact details in future orders.

BUY-RENT.CH gets the best ratings !

TCF 6-7-2010-p14-15_photoFor real estate agencies we conducted a new approach to real estate publication on the internet. The members of PUBLIMMO can post their ads on both Swiss real estate portals Buy-Rent.ch and SwissFineProperties.com, as well as other portals (Homegate.ch, ImmoStreet.ch, Autoscout24.ch,. ..), and all this from a single input interface.

Listings and real estate agencies are highlighted through intelligent and easy to use search engine, and clear and legible results with large photos. Agency logos are present on the photos already in the results. Alerts are sent to buyers instantaneously upon publication of ads. It is also possible to highlight promotions on the homepage or on top of search results.

BUY-RENT.CH gets the best rating for design and search engine

Best score for the technical and design for Buy-Rent.ch by the magazine Tout Compte Fait which in its June issue carried a comparison test of six major real estate portals in Switzerland. Even to the overall result, Buy-Rent.ch ranks as very tops of 3/5 technical steps before the 3 largest portals!

TCF p.14

TCF p.14

TCF p.15

TCF p.15



ARCHITECTES.CH has mandated us to add new e-services. First a tool to automatically generate thumbnails of the 1st page of PDF documents available online and facilitating navigation between reports. We have also developed a new section for property developers wishing to present their building projects with an intuitive search tool.

These innovations gained one big hit of the users of the portal, testifies an article published in the newspaper 24Heures a few weeks later and underlining these aspects.

Article Presse 24Heures


L’Agence Immobilière – Nyon

L'Agence Immobilière - NyonWe are pleased to annonce the online publication of the new real estate portal of L’Agence Immobilière in Nyon.

The goal was to realize a portal combining the most recent technologies in the field while offering a smart & chic interface. Located in the heart of Nyon, L’ Agence Immobilière proposes real goods of exception. The portal must have to carry out this haut-de-gamme image.

Among the various tools proposed on the portal, let us highlight the option ‘Prestige Selection’. It offers on 1  click a preset multi-criteria research. To also quote the automatic posting of the results and a bookmark of weblinks on the activities of the area.

We wish full success at l’Agence Immobilière on the internet!