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New Régie Braun portal launch

sshot-0014It has been almost 5 months of study, design and implementation to achieve the new portal, totally redesigned of this great estate agency of Lausanne.

Since 1997, the website of the Régie Braun has evolved over 4 generations. Each steps has been the opportunity of a complete graph relifting to follow the corporate governance, but also the introduction of innovative e-services based on new technologies.

sshot-0017More than a total redesign, the new portal has been completely revisited in its structure, to maximize its responsiveness. The previous version already contained many new services on the online property market, as the very popular online system furniture, which shows the plans of all the objects and place furniture to scale.

sshot-0015This new version can now count on a new tracking system results on a map which provides an unparalleled responsiveness.

sshot-0016To further push the limits of standards, we also integrated a double system of localization in the detail of objects, a satellite view and a “bird’s eye” view.

Still another great innovation is currently in development, but we wont tell you more for the moment.

Installation tool

Online Installation Tool - screenshotA new apartment, a new house? How your pieces of furniture return will in these new walls?

Thanks to our intuitive application (no installation necessary), the future purchaser or tenant can recreate his furniture on line and test various provisions with leisure. What to reassure before an important decision!

Dynamic displays

Regie Braun - Rue Centrale - Lausanne

Regie Braun - vitrine interactive - screenshotA screen plasma makes it possible to the brokers in real estate automatically to post the new objects to be sold since their data base. More need to print small posters and to manage their site in a window. Our solution automatically deals with it all while enabling you to add visual animations to it.

The system is adaptable to travel, the automobile salesman agencies of occasions or any other offering trade of the products evolving/moving quickly !